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WireX Card Review: Is WireX the best crypto card?

Wirex is an all in one account and application that helps you control cryptocurrencies as well as the normal financial assets. This company began as a platform for providing virtual cards but later on expanded to a personal banking solution. It is, therefore, a go-between, between cryptocurrency banking and traditional banking. This is the first company to provide a combination of fiat currency with the flexibility and speed of the blockchain market.

About Wirex

Wirex is a company that boasts of 1.8 million users and a transaction volume of $2.0 billion. The headquarters are in London but they also have other offices in Tokyo, Ukraine, and Kiev. the application is active in 130 countries but not the United States

According to Wirex, why should you opt for one particular currency when you can have both? That is why the application makes it possible for you to do daily transactions using either traditional currency or cryptocurrencies. The aim is to ensure that everyone can access banking services and Wirex has ensured this by ensuring that all you need is the internet. There is no paperwork plus they do not take weekends off.  There are no geographical limitations with Wirex, meaning that you can send money to almost every part of the world in a matter of seconds. So if you want to get started with Wirex, you can just go ahead.

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Services and Features Provided

Wirex is an application that allows you to store your cryptocurrencies plus you can connect your debit and credit cards. You can exchange your cryptocurrencies for fiat currencies if not just buy Bitcoins or other alternative coins. It is also possible to transfer digital currencies between users from any part of the world and at no extra cost. Money transfers are done at affordable fees.

Want to spend some cryptocurrency just like you would spend some cash? Well, Wirex Visa Card allows you to make payments. You can spend the cryptocurrency like fiat cash for almost any product and service. This is said to be the only card that allows you to convert cryptos into normal cash and spend it as such.

Wirex also offers cryptocurrency wallets. You can choose between the six wallets on offer. They are all secure and consist of cold storage like features. With wallets, you can purchase, store or manage your fiat and crypto. The cryptocurrencies that are supported are BTC, ETH, XRP, WAVES, and LTC. as for the fiat currencies, those that are supported are USD, EUR, and GBP. You can instantly exchange between these currencies using the live rates provided. The exchange rates are quite friendly as compared to those that banks offer. There are no commissions or any hidden costs. You will also get support to manage your budget and track your spending plus get instant alerts.

Wirex Fees

Ordering for the Wirex Card is free of charge but when it comes to account maintenance, you will be charged. The fee depends on the currency used. The monthly account fee is deducted from your account just in case you wonder where your money is disappearing to. You can create a new account once you have cleared your outstanding balance and you will receive a new card. The card can be used for both local and international bank transfers. Wirex works in collaboration with various banks like Lloyds, Barclays, The Royal Bank of Scotland and ING to cater to its users.

The account management fee is $1.50 per month. This is billed monthly and not annually. You will not be charged for the time periods that you are inactive but the account can be closed when it is left idle for a long time or if for two months you have had a negative balance.

 Online transactions will cost you $0.28 for dollar accounts but free for other accounts. It is free to transfer between Wirex accounts even if they are not supported by BitGo but you will have to pay a blockchain fee. If your transaction is declined then it will cost you $0.07. The first virtual card you order is on the house but the next one will cost you $3. The physical card can also be delivered to you for free but it depends on the delivery method you opt for.

Wirex User Experience

Users have applauded the excellent customer service that they are getting. The back office team is said to be attentive, quick and efficient when it comes to providing solutions.


Wirex is an account and application that seeks to make life easy for fiat and cryptocurrency users. We hope that this review has given you proper insight as to what Wirex truly is. If you have had any experience with this application, kindly comment in the section below.

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