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Cryptocurrencies are a great disruptor in the global financial ecosystem. In fact, the early Bitcoin investors confirm the fact that digital assets are appreciating better returns and are on the same scale as precious metals, but better than government-issued currency.

The best thing about cryptocurrencies is that they are not limited to geographical boundaries. This aspect has resulted in the mass adoption of crypto making everyone rethink the traditional means of exchange.

Governments around the world are coming to accept the idea of cryptocurrency as one that is not going away and there are some that are so welcoming to the point of accepting crypto as legal tender. There are some who have not come on board and have even stipulated harsh regulations that challenge the use of cryptocurrencies. This becomes a conundrum for those who have already adopted the digital tender but cannot find ways to use it in their daily lives.

Where Can I Spend my Crypto? 

Before you start spending just note that some cryptocurrencies are more powerful than others which means that Bitcoin is king. The adoption rate of Bitcoin is higher as compared to other digital currencies.

You can spend your crypto both on and offline. A good number of eCommerce sites have taken well to the crypto sweep. There are also physical stores that accept crypto as a mode of payment.

There are several jurisdictions in parts of Europe and North America that have permitted the use of cryptocurrencies. Different entrepreneurial platforms based on crypto are coming up, for instance, Living Room of Satoshi that allows you to pay your utility bills using cryptocurrency.

The Easiest Way to Spend your Crypto 

The best way to spend your precious digital tender would be to connect it to a debit card. This will allow you to spend Crypto the same way you would spend your cash. There are several platforms in recent years that have been issuing crypto powered debit cards in partnership in partnership with Mastercard and Visa. So this means that you can go do some shopping or dining where a Visa card is accepted.

Different cryptocurrencies have different cards available. These, in turn, are connected to a specific storage and market options. The most popular cryptocurrency card options include Ternio BlockCard,, and The longest running card option is BitPay. All you need to do is sign up, deposit your crypto and stand spending in minutes. These cards works everywhere a Visa Card is accepted.

Users typically have multiple card options to choose from. They can have the virtual, plastic or some offer metal card. Cards also come with different perks such as rewards or access to certain online services. Fees vary when depositing your crypto or when transacting so be sure to do your research on our guide. If you travel frequently then these cryptocurrency debit cards will save you the time spent at the forex bureau.

Crypto debit cards are a  smart innovation that allow you to spend daily using cryptocurrencies. Even though there are several cards available, not all of them are available or delivered worldwide. Good thing, these cards work at millions of retailers worldwide.

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