Crypto Card Review Card Review: Is Spend the best crypto card? is one of the several platforms that engage in digital transactions. According to their site, aims to meet all the requirements necessary for creating a global solution through a trusted brand and software that gets the job done efficiently.

About Spend.Com is still a new kid on the block. This platform was launched in December 2018. According to the company president, Brian Woods, this app was started to enhance flexibility and simplicity when it comes to dealing with fiat currency and cryptocurrencies.

Spend is an app and a wallet that can be used on almost every mobile phone. If you are always behind a desktop then you can still access the app. The main advantage of this application is the wide range of flexibility it offers. The mergence of cryptocurrencies and traditional currencies is also a plus. It is available on Android and iOS.

Spend lets you spend your crypto the normal way you would spend traditional currency. You simply scan your Spend debit card at a store and spend your crypto without a hassle. Social Media




Spend.Com Products and Services see themselves as an all in one digital wallet. The aim is to destroy the decoy that comes with fiat, global and Bitcoin transfers. Cryptocurrency users want something that works smooth and easy.

The wallet is a multifunctional one and because it can be accessed on mobile devices, many users will find it efficient since they can manage their finances on the go. High-grade security has been invested in this app plus there is a two-factor authentication just to ensure that your data is safe. The app is downloaded and connected to a bank account and fiat currency is added. Currently, Spend supports 16 cryptocurrencies. There is no doubt that in the future the number of supported cryptocurrencies will increase.

The Spend app can be used to hold currencies from other countries apart from that of the user. This is a good thing especially for those who travel for business and pleasure and for freelancers who work with clients of different nationalities. Spend. Com gives you the best exchange rates thanks to live updates so that you get to know the best time to exchange.

Spend.Com Fees

For you to become a proud owner of a Spend Visa Card you will have to part with a $25 membership fee. This fee is paid annually. Spend is also working in partnership with major payment processors to facilitate this service.

The Spend Visa Cards come in three tiers. The basic card is Spend Simple and has a daily limit of $500. The second tier card is the Simple Preferred which has a daily limit of $5,000 and if you want a daily limit of $10,000, Spend Black is the tier for you. All these tiers come with both physical and virtual cards. If you want something black and metallic then the Spend Black is a good option but just note that it is a limited edition.

There are several benefits if you opt for the Spend Visa card. Spend is compatible with several currencies meaning you can swap what you have for what you need. The exchanges are carried out in real-time and therefore there are no delays.

According to the Spend app developers, this app has a 99% uptime so it is totally reliable. A lot of money has been put in to ensure that the app works as is required. There are also inbuilt compliant features that enhance security. Your identity will be verified without the fuss of paperwork. This means that you will not need to use your email to send in more documentation.


This review has many things to say about the platform and one of them is that this is an application with a great future ahead of it. The only thing that can prove this statement is time. There are several other similar applications but what sets them apart from each other is the ability to deliver what they confess on their official pages. As for, we found out the following:


  • Different versions are available for different geographic locations
  • All in one digital wallet that allows you to spend fiat and cryptocurrency
  • Supports multiple currencies


  • The lower tier card has restrictive limitations

If you use cryptocurrency frequently then it is about time you spend with The platform promises to meet all your digital transaction need. Do not forget that we love your feedback and the comment section is our favorite part of the conversation.

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