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Plutus Card Review: Is Plutus Card the best crypto card?

Plutus Card

Plutus Card is a novel debit card that enables users to manage their fiat and cryptocurrencies seamlessly through cutting-edge technology. The card supports both fiat and cryptocurrency deposits, conversions, and payments through simple processes facilitated by the Plutus finance app. Plutus innovative solutions operate at high efficiency at the intersection of fiat, cryptocurrencies and card payment rails.  

About Plutus Card 

Plutus card is one of the products offered under the Plutus finance applications. Others include a finance mobile app, a Decentralised Crypto Exchange (DEX), and the Pluton utility token. The Block Code Ltd. owns all these. The company was incorporated on July 7, 2015 in the United Kingdom under the Company number 09674279. The Block Ltd registered office is second Floor Heathmans House, 19 Heathmans Road, London, England, SW6 4TJ. However, the Plutus website indicates that the company is located at 184 Shepherds Bush Road, W6 7NL, London. 

Contis Financial Services Ltd, a member of Visa, issues the Plutus card. This is because, unlike The Block Ltd, Contis Financial Services Ltd is among the few companies allowed to issue debit cards by the regulatory agencies. The company has authorisation to issue e-money in accordance with the Financial Conduct Authority under the Electronic Money Regulations 2011.  

The Block Ltd. is registered as a Private limited company with its founder, Danial Daychopan having great control and influence on the organisation. Daychopan, a British citizen, owns more than 75% of the company’s shares and voting rights. He also has the right to appoint and remove directors. 

Other significant members of the team include: 

Tobias Sommer – Co-founder 

Jasper Tay – Co-founder 

Minyi Soon – Product Owner 

Filippos Protogeridis – Senior Product Designer

Alexandru Rotaru – Customer Service Manager and Compliance Lead

Marcus Soulsby – Social Media & Content Marketer

David Morrison – Community Manager

Plutus Social media 

Facebook – 

Twitter – 

Linkedin – 

Medium – 

Discord – 

Customer support – [email protected]

Press kit – [email protected] 

Services provided 

The Plutus card range of services often overlap with those of the other Plutus finance applications i.e. the mobile app and DEX. Nonetheless, the card functions well on its own allowing instant payments whether in cryto or fiat currencies. However, before spending, one has to top up their card and so we shall review that first. 

As aforementioned, users can deposit either fiat or cryptocurrencies. Unfortunately, Plutus does not have a wide range of currencies as it currently only supports Ethereum (ETH) and Pluton tokens (PLU). The company has chosen to initially focus on the Ethereum ecosystem, which means that you cannot use Bitcoin, the most popular cryptocurrency, on your Plutus card, for now. The lack of variety by Plutus also extends to fiat currencies as they currently only support the Euro (EUR) and the Great Britain Pound (GBP). Similarly, users will not be able to load up, spend or even convert their holdings to the US Dollar (USD), the most commonly used fiat currency. 

Where Plutus lacks in currency diversity, they make up for in the variety of deposit options. The company allows users to create Instant Current Accounts or European IBAN depending on their location. This process can be completed within minutes on their website thus saving customers the hassle of visiting a bank. These account numbers enable customers to easily deposit fiat currencies from anywhere in the European Economic Area and spend them as they wish. 

In addition, Plutus card also supports deposits from both Samsung and Google Pay. The team is also working on ways to include Apple Pay support. 

Plutus card supports crypto-fiat and fiat-crypto conversion. This functionality enables the users to top-up their Plutus debit card in any of the supported currencies and easily convert to their currency of choice whether for spending, or investing purposes. The Plutus DEX, a peer-to-peer trading platform that does not hold the customers funds, supports this. The decentralised nature of the exchange means that customers are always in charge of their private keys thus ensuring the security of their funds. 

The Plutus debit card performs the same functions as a regular Visa debit card. As such, the card is acceptable by over 40 million merchants across the world. Card owners can use the Plutus debit card to make instant payments anywhere with a Visa acceptance logo in nearly 200 countries. 

Fees and Pricing 

Plutus debit card fees vary between free and premium users. Premium users get a card for free and benefit from higher limits and lower fees at a cost of £/€4.50 per month.

Fiat Deposit/Withdrawal Fees

 Tx Type Free Users Premium Users
Deposit Free Free
Withdrawal €0.50 / £0.50 Free

Card Fees

 Tx Type Free Users Premium Users
POS Transaction in local currency Free Free
ATM withdrawal Free* Free
ATM balance check GBP – £0.20
EUR – €0.35

These trading fees also apply for cryptocurrency conversions 

Trading Fee Free Users Premium Users
Maker 1.3% 0%
Taker 1.3% 0%

Visa applies foreign exchange fees using interbank rates when you use Plutus debit card to make payments not in the native currency. 

Plutus User experience 

Two major issues plaguing the cryptocurrency space is user trust in third parties and the difficulty of using cryptocurrencies. Plutus card eliminates these worries by ensuring their users retain custody of their assets and providing a simple integrated interface that allows seamless operations. 


Plutus card provides a revolutionary solution that flawlessly integrates crypto and fiat currencies under one umbrella. The ease of use in depositing, conversion, and instant payments is an innovative feat that will open the door towards mainstream crypto adoption. The only downside to the Plutus card is their lack of support for Bitcoin, the USD and other multiple currencies. 

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