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Paycent Card Review – Is Paycent the best crypto card?

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The Paycent app offers a Visa card that serves as a bridge between fiat and digital assets. The card can only support bitcoin at the moment but at the pace innovation is taking place, you can be sure that the app will soon be supporting other cryptocurrencies. When it comes to fiat currencies, the app supports GBP, USD, and EUR. Most crypto card services are normally not available for use by American investors but with the Paycent card, things are looking up because investors in the United States can use it.

Paycent is working on being a global leader when it comes to mobile and cashless transactions. They have offered two tools, the Paycent app, and the Paycent card to see this vision come true.

About Paycent

Paycent is one of the products from Texcent. Texcent is a global name when it comes to payment platforms. Paycent operates as a mobile wallet that is funded by digital assets.

The Paycent mobile wallet allows users to spend digital assets in real-time. They manage this by using the Paycent Card. the card supports Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Binance Coin, DigiByte, XRP, and Dash. cardholders can withdraw local currency at ATMs and also spend the money offline in over 200 countries.

Paycent currently has three cards. There is the Paycent China UnionPay Card, Paycent UnionPay International Card and the Paycent Mastercard. The Paycent China UnionPay Card has been been in the market since the beginning of 2018 and was the first of its kind till April 2019. The card can be used to withdraw cash from ATMs and also at point of sale shops. The rest of the cards were introduced to the market in April 2019.

Paycent is a company that was founded in Singapore and is licensed by the Monetary Authority of Singapore. The company does not only offer cards but also has its own cryptocurrency that is integrated into the platform.

The Paycent CEO,Sumedha Goel  works with an experienced team made up of the following:

  • Svetlana Umarova-Founder / Investor
  • Helen Laylo-GM / Head of Corporate & Public Relations
  • Arthur Munsayac-CTO
  • Jennifer Navarro-CFO
  • Ma. Lea Pascual-Business Development Manager
  • Katrin Mae Jose-Project Manager
  • Jonathan Guarino-Full Stack Developer
  • Daniel Miko Sarabusing-Full Stack Developer

The CEO  also works in collaboration with Team advisors and they are:

  • Mark Wittenberg
  • Alexandre Ederer
  • Peter Bergstorm
  • Suraj GV
  • Aaron Lam
  • Susheel Balakrishnan
  • Rasool Verjee BA LLB 
  • Ahmad Altarawneh
  • Anupam Ratha

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Bitcoin Talk-


The Paycent platform prides itself on being a reliable digital wallet. Apart from the wallet, there is also the Paycent Card. This card allows users to gain access to various blockchain assets and fiat currencies. All this happens in real-time and in a system that adheres to highest security standards known.

 Users can opt for the physical or virtual card. The card is powered by the Paycent wallet and can be loaded using bitcoin, ethereum, ERC20, Dash and many more digital assets. You can use cash deposit machines and kiosks to load your Paycent wallet.

The Paycent app runs on a decentralized platform which translates to a seamless exchange of assets between users and businesses. This also mitigates the risk of fraud. The conversion of digital assets to fiat is automatic. The user can convert all their blockchain assets into Paycent tokens, PYT, and vice versa.

The virtual card and the multi-currency wallet are simultaneously created while the physical card should be ordered from the app. The mobile wallet users can send their digital assets through the Paycent app to other Paycent app users for free and in real-time.


The Paycent pricing structure has proven to be a bit complex to understand but still, this review seeks to breakdown things for you so that you get comprehensive information.

Card Fee Type Fees (in USD)

Physical Card Order (including DHL/FedEx delivery) $ 49.00
Card Activation Free
First PIN Generation Free
Domestic/International ATM Withdrawal $ 4.00
Foreign Transaction Fee – Network 1.25%
Monthly Card Residency Fee Free
Annual Card Account Renewal Free
Card Inactivity Fee per Month (after 90 days of inactivity) Free
Card Loading Fee   1.5% of top-up amount or $ 2.50 (whichever is higher)
Transaction Limits
Initial & Minimum Load Amount $ 25.00
Maximum Load Amount (per load) $ 5,000.00
Maximum Daily Load Amount $ 20,000.00
Maximum Monthly Load Amount $ 20,000.00
Maximum Spend Amount per Day (POS)$ Maximum Card Balance $ 5,000.00
$ 20,000.00
Maximum Annual Load Amount $ 240,000.00
Maximum ATM Withdrawal per Day $ 5,000.00

The official Paycent site has really gone into details when it comes to fees and pricing. For more information, you can go to

User Experience

The Paycent user experience can only be summed as good, easy to use and that the virtual card is the safest mode to stick with. Some users requested for a crypto ATM from the same platform.

Overall Conclusion 

People all over the world really anticipated the Paycent cards and then finally in October 2019, they were shipped globally. This means that Paycent is the only cryptocurrency card provider who has been able to walk the talk. The reward system is also good since users get to earn PYN tokens. When it comes to Paycent, things are definitely looking up.


  • True global cryptocurrency debit card
  • Three different cards to serve all regions
  • No fee is charged to obtain the card


  • Fees add up quickly

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