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Monolith Card Review: Is Monolith the best crypto card?

Token Group Limited which is a company registered in England and Wales is the name behind the Monolith application. The Monolith app was initially available on iOS devices but now it is available on Android and can currently be accessed in 31 countries in Europe. This is an Ethereum planet where Ethereum, inter alia and ERC20 token, are supported. The good news is that there are plenty of ERC20 tokens and Monolith definitely thrives on this.

The Monolith Visa card can be used anywhere Visa cards are accepted. The card supports two fiat currencies namely, EUR and GBP. the card also supports Google Pay. as if that was not enough, the card is connected to a non-custodian wallet. The only downside is that investors based in the United States may not be able to use this card. The only way an American investor can make it work is by resorting to the cryptocurrency debit card list, picking one of the cards where there is a mark that shows the card is “ US Allowed”.

About Monolith

According to the Monolith CEO, Mel Gelderman, Monolith is all about promoting the Ethereum lifestyle. Monolith is a London based token startup and is all about providing financial solutions beyond traditional banking.

This token startup was financed by an initial coin offering in May 2017. The amount raised was $16.9 million. This ICO amount was turned into assets worth $25 million. According to Gelderman, they are deploying the economy to get their goals. Even when the price of ether was terrible in 2018, this startup still had enough runway thanks to their strategy.

The Monolith asset portfolio is impressive. 80,000 ether which is equivalent to $14.6 million, about $3 million in fiat holdings and $16 million TKN. Monolith has recently ceased selling and instead is collateralizing ether for DAI loans.

Monolith Features

The Monolith platform operates as a decentralized banking app whose sole medium is Ethereum. This platform has a non-custodian wallet, a card and offers tokens. This is a highly secure application. Monolith is a secure service provider where funds don’t mysteriously disappear. The Ethereum nodes are always running and that means that your ETH is always ready for some spending.

With the Monolith App, you can deploy your contract wallet. This is because doing so enhances security and is even more reliable compared to controlling and configuring a wallet using a key. You have your own Ethereum bank vault. 

There are other future features in the pipeline that Monolith users can look forward to and they are DEx integrations and ENS support.

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Monolith Fees

Monolith is one of the few applications where a Visa card is offered without users paying an issuance fee or monthly maintenance costs. The Monolith fees structure is as follows:

  • Card activation and shipping is free
  • Zero monthly fee
  • Zero domestic purchase fee
  • 1.75% international purchase fee
  • Domestic ATM withdrawal is free for up to twice a month afterward you will pay £0.75/€0.85 per withdrawal
  • International ATM withdrawal is £1.75 / €2.00
  • Topping up your Monolith card fee is 1%
  • Topping up with other tokens apart from TKN attracts a 1% fee
  • The crypto or fiat exchange rate is determined by the current market rate

How Secure Is Monolith?

First and foremost if you want to access Monolith services you will have to submit certain data. For you to access your data you can ask for a copy held by Monolith. This service is free but if the requests are in excess or repetitive then an administrative charge might be requested. If you wish to do this then kindly do not hesitate to contact the Monolith team on their official website.

One of the essential elements is data security and Monolith protects your data by putting in place several security procedures that protect data collected through their website. Where passwords are required, it is the sole responsibility of the user to keep that password confidential. According to the privacy terms on the Monolith site, they do their best to ensure that your data is safe and secure but you should act knowing that transmission of information via the internet is not 100% secure and therefore you are at risk and the platform cannot ensure the security of your data that is transmitted to their site.


Monolith is the future and not because of their futuristic and minimalistic web design but because they are embracing innovation. The crypto winter came and Monolith withstood the harsh conditions thanks to DAI. Their strategy worked and you can be sure they are working on the best to come.


  • The Monolith developers are always working on something new


  • It is an Ethereum only app

If you have used this app, kindly don’t hesitate to share your experience in our comment section.

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