Crypto Card Review Card Review – Is CryptoCom the best crypto card? was founded in 2016. It is an application that was developed with the aim of dealing with one of the major issues that mankind faces and that is financial sovereignty. The basis for this mobile application dwells in the danger of having a centralized system where personal, financial and asset information is held within a monopoly. What would stop the monopoly power from doing as they wish? Crypto. Com comes in to provide users with a service that ensures that one day, each customer will have a cryptocurrency in their wallet and spend it as they wish without any red tape excuses.


The team is headed by CEO Kris Marszalek. This platform is strictly a mobile one which even makes it better because, in the age of the internet of things, mobility enhances the speed of business, interactivity, and engagement with customers. Users have access to their assets all the time. The app is available for download on Android and iOS.

The platform has been built as an ecosystem consisting of different blockchain products. Thes products are developed and sold under the MCO brand. These products are as follows:

  • Mobile wallet app
  • MCO Visa card
  • MCO Crypto Invest services
  • (MCO) Token prides itself in resolving several issues being faced in the blockchain sector especially when it comes to accessibility and usability of finances. Products and Services

The MCO Visa card enables users to buy and spend cryptocurrencies easily. This is because as much as many users are earning well with their digital investments the main issue is where and how to spend that money. The process could either take too long or simply, the locations where the payment can be assessed are few or possibly out of easy reach.

Shopping abroad using your credit or debit card can turn out to be an expensive affair since high fees of almost up to 8% is charged. This does nothing positive to the user but only to the bank. The MCO card comes with zero annual fees and favorable interbank fees that make it easy to conduct international shopping. You can withdraw and spend your crypto after it is converted into fiat currency. also offers the MCO wallet and card app to facilitate the management and use of cryptocurrencies from mobile devices in a smooth and organized manner.  According to, the process of buying and managing cryptos using mobile devices is challenging security and convenience wise. This is why has a wallet that lessens the burden. The wallet can be used to buy and sell cryptocurrencies, send and receive plus track crypto prices. The same wallet can also be used to manage the MCO Visa card.

As much as time has passed and everyone has a clue of what cryptocurrencies are all about, there are still users who do not have adequate information when it comes to buying and selling of cryptos. The Crypto Invest Scheme from has been created to furnish customers with trading strategies that will allow them to create their own trading portfolios. This is a free service for customers. Social Media



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The MCO Visa card has competitive fees. First and foremost there is no issuance fee. There is also no monthly fee. And there is no commission when you spend meaning that the charges on the receipt are the charges in your card. There is no maximum deposit. So what is it that you pay? You pay the ATM withdrawal fee OF 2.00% if you withdraw an amount above USD $200 anything below that amount does not attract a withdrawal fee. It should also be noted that buying and staking of MCO can be used to reduce fees. User Experience

Many users agree that is an excellent app when it comes to figuring out to create a wallet or spending cryptos but the main issue for some was that it was just easy to purchase but not to transfer. This is something that should be looked into.

Conclusion is a great project because it allows users to merge cryptocurrencies with fiat currencies. The only issue that could be popping up is that of performance. One cannot clearly speak about the performance capability of this platform. It should also be noted that there are other places where this application cannot be beneficial because of the unapproved legal status of cryptocurrencies in some countries, for example, has some limitations in the United States. If you still have something to share, kindly comment in the comment section below. As always, we are happy when you get back to us.

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