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Crypterium Card Review: Is Crypterium the best crypto card?

Today more than ever, there is a higher demand for digital currencies. Financial experts speculate that by 2020, the global economy will hit $3 trillion. Such figures call for crypto-banking services and that is the reason why Crypterium was started. This is a crypto-banking platform meant to handle the ever-increasing demand for digital assets.

About Crypterium

Crypterium is an Estonian and Cyprus based platform. This is a decentralized and open-source application designed to help users handle cryptocurrencies in the same way that they handle fiat currency.

The platform is headed by a competent team of blockchain and money experts. It was founded by Gleb Markov and the current CEO is Steven Parker. This is a team that is set to take the crypto sector to the next level.

The Crypterium cryptocurrency platform comes highly recommended since it was released when it was actually needed. It was when the cryptocurrency industry required support to move to another level. The platform is equipped with creative features that make it unique. It is not just limited to the blockchain niche but also works with other payment platforms such as ApplePay and AndroidPay. This makes the platform conducive for direct payments.

The founders of this platform have also released a digital token also known as the Crypterium Coin, CRPT. the use of this coin is to power transactions conducted within the platform. The price of the coin went down from $2.20 to $0.60 between January and February 2018 but has remained stable ever since.

This crypto platform runs like a traditional financial institution and gives its customers the resources to improve their businesses.


The Crypterium card is sold for $9.99. There are no monthly fees according to the website. A plastic card version is planned to be released, but virtual cards will be made available first.

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Crypterium Products and Services

As mentioned earlier, the Crypterium platform is a digital bank that offers several products and services to its customers. The first service is non-other than the mobile crypto bank. This crypto bank serves to facilitate instant cryptocurrency payments. There is the cryptocurrency acquisition feature which integrates with the PoS software to actualize crypto to fiat settlements for retailers.

Crypterium also has an app store for retailers who specialize in cryptocurrency software and solutions. The OpenAPI is a platform that is hosted on a decentralized server. There is also a credit token exchange service to ensure the direct exchange of various digital assets. This exchange has all the typical integrations of a marketplace.

Crypterium is committed to offering bank-like services within a digital banking ecosystem. That is why they have real-time fraud monitoring and a multi-signature wallet for group transactions.

The Crypterium Coin

Crypterium offers two tokens namely the CRPT and the CRED tokens. The CRPT tokens were released during the company’s ICO while the CRED token is used on the platform as a sub token.

 The CRPT tokens are meant to motivate users to join the platform and make use of the services therein. In return, the holders will get 30%of the transaction charges. If you have more than 25,000 tokens then yours is a platinum stake and therefore you will receive 50% of the transaction revenues. Any other CRPT token is a silver token an is only limited to a transaction revenue of 10%.

The CRED tokens are sub tokens so they help you create a banking structure. The users on the Crypterium platform can get loans depending on the CRPT: CRED ratio. Tokens can also be converted into fiat currency so as to deal with conventional transactions or projects. In 2017 during the Crypterium token sale, 99,983,677 tokens were issued where 70% of them were released into the market and the rest was retained.

Crypterium User Experience

Crypterium is a platform that has plenty to offer. Their team is simply exquisite and totally experienced. The only limiting factor to this platform is that it is still new and people are hesitant to give it a great recommendation because it is a platform that has not undergone the test of time. This simply means that most of the features are still being tested for reliability and stability.


Crypterium is a solid platform for the crypto community and all it takes is time for it to be established and trusted. The best part is that it is a timely platform and allows different stakeholders to come in and add value. So here is a summary.


  • A coin that is stable in the market
  • An intuitive user interface
  • An aggressive development team
  • Real-time fraud monitoring
  • Contactless card supported by international stores


  • The platform seems to be too ambitious and yet still new

Crypterium was created to filling the gaps in the blockchain niche. According to their whitepaper, Crypterium has the legitimacy to operate and offer services to token buyers. The only advice would be to be cautious because the platform is still at the earliest stages of testing. As always, your feedback is value-added back. Kindly feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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