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Bitpay Card Review: Is Bitpay the best crypto card?

BitPay is a platform that facilitates Bitcoin transactions. It also provides a Visa card payment solution so that users can make Bitcoin payments online and in brick and mortar stores. They can also withdraw cash from ATMs. It is a feature that is truly convenient for those who love digital savings.

About BitPay

BitPay was started in 2011 when Bitcoin was still a new term in the financial world.  This service was started by Tony Gallippi and Stephen Pair. The aim was to offer a solution for accepting Bitcoin payments. This was to help businesses adapt to the increased use of Bitcoin.

BitPay is currently the largest Bitcoin payment processor globally. They currently have a heavy presence in six continents. Theirs is a smooth and secure Bitcoin payment process that is used by millions daily.

BitPay is building an open-source. The platform that will cater for future Bitcoin applications. For those who are getting started on Bitcoin payments, the BitPay wallet is just the right toolkit plus the BitPay card ensures that you have a faster way of converting your Bitcoin into dollars for spending anywhere Visa cards are accepted.

All in all, the future seems bright for this company that is glued to being at the forefront of cryptocurrency currency technology.

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Services Provided

There are two major services provided by BitPay, Copay, and BitPay Card. Copay Wallet secure cryptocurrency store is an all-around and free to use platform for Bitcoin users. This is an open-source application that functions in a hierarchical deterministic manner so that the keys it generates are impossible to guess.

This wallet is also a multi-signature meaning that it can be used for group-based transactions. It is also a wallet that can function on several different platforms, for example, Windows, Linux, Mac, Android among others. This wallet, however, is a separate entity from other BitPay features. It is therefore not integrated with the BitPay payment service. BitPay still has specific features such as facilitating payment across different vendors plus you can top up your wallet using the BitPay Visa Card.

The BitPay Visa Card was officially released in May 2016 and has been well received ever since by the Bitcoin community. This card is powered by the Metropolitan Commercial Bank. the card does not only work at the point of sale terminals but it can also be used to withdraw Bitcoin cash via ATMs. all you need to do is load the card with the desired amount of Bitcoin.

The BitPay Visa Card is one of a kind. This is because such services do not realize a higher level of adoption. The only mishap that occurred is the Visa issue with Wave Crest. This issue was resolved and BitPay has been able to go back to business as usual.

Fees and Pricing

There are several fees that you will have to pay while using BitPay. It all depends on the services you require. There is a 1% processing fee that is charged to merchants. Merchants can also choose to pass on these fees to the buyers.

One of the protocol payments is the miner fees which appends the transaction to the blockchain. This fee increases the chances of your transaction being confirmed quickly. It should, however, be noted that miner fees are not BitPay fees.

There is also the Network cost. Once you have paid for the BitPay invoice, your payment goes to the BitPay address. BitPay will pay the network-based miner fees so as to move invoices and combine them for processing.

You will be charged a miner’s fee cost when you initiate a refund to yourself. This cost is deducted by BitPay from the total amount that you will be receiving. If it is the merchant who issues the refund then BitPay will deduct the refund miner;’s fee from the merchant’s ledger balance. There are also ethereum specific fees for BitPay invoices. These include the gas fee. The gas fee is realized by multiplying the gas price by the gas limit.

BitPay User Experience

For many users, BitPay is an exceptional way to send and receive Bitcoin payments. There are many platforms that offer a similar service but Bitpay has ensured that this is well done from a simple and friendly interface. It is easy to do invoices and calculate real-time prices plus there is mobile integration. The only major issue that stuck out was that of the payment fees. The 1% does not sink well with others.

Overall Conclusion

BitPay has a solid reputation as one of the safest, simple and secure Bitcoin and Bitcoin cash services. If you do not have an issue with an open-source wallet and a debit card for your Bitcoins then BitPay is your home.


  • Direct bank deposit
  • Two-factor authentication
  • Best bid exchange rates


  • 1% fee
  • Difficulty contacting the platform

If you have any BitPay experience, kindly feel free to share in the comment section below.

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