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BitNovo Card Review – Is BitNovo the best crypto card?

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Bitnovo is the creator of BitCard. Bitnovo is one of the leading crypto companies established in Europe. They are well known for being one of the first platforms to integrate the use of Bitcoin in daily spending. This Spanish crypto player works with electronic wallets which were specifically meant to store bitcoins.

The transactions that take place are quick and affordable compared to other platforms. And according to Bitnovo, theirs is a 100% secure process. 

You are free to recharge this wallet using any method that suits you. The company supports several cards and cryptocurrencies as a means of buying bitcoin for your wallet. 

Since  Bitnovo works in a similar manner as any other crypto platform, it has been specifically designed for Spanish speakers. Their official site is a clear indication of this since everything on the site is in Spanish. They even offer customer support in Spanish speaking countries.

The wallet can be used to withdraw money from ATMs. The transaction will be based on the current bitcoin price rate. This company already has apps for both iOS and Android.

About Bitnovo

Bitnovo offers you the option of purchasing bitcoin or Dash using a card, FlexPin voucher or through a bank transfer. The coins can be sent to the electronic wallet or the Visa debit card. You can also buy bitcoin for cash without the hassle of paperwork. This is made possible by the partnership between Bitnovo and Carrefour stores.

This crypto company has a great mind at the helm of it. The CEO is Marcos Muñoz and the COO is Luis Vaello.

This company aims to spread the bitcoin philosophy and other cryptocurrencies around the world. The company was started after it was realized that purchasing bitcoins was a complicated affair. Things even seemed worse if you were not from an English speaking country like Spain. The user interface on most sites was a nightmare for novice users.

The founders of Bitnovo decided to get into the crypto business so as to make the purchase of cryptocurrencies easy and secure. This would definitely make them an international reference in the crypto sector.

Bitnovo is now made up of a solid team that represents Europe and their main aim is to continue expanding.

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As mentioned earlier, Bitnovo is a Bitcoin platform that allows you to spend or send your money. It is out of this that they have developed a card and a wallet.

The app has five main screens. The first screen offers access to three processes namely, the sale of cryptocurrencies, a Bitcoin wallet and access to your Bitcards. The third main screen shows you all the point of sales where you can buy vouchers, for instance, Carrefour, ATMs, Worten, Eroski and many others that are associated with Bitnovo.

The voucher redeeming section allows you to exchange the Bitnovo vouchers with more than 20 different cryptocurrencies. The sale of cryptocurrencies section is quite obvious in its functions. You can convert cryptocurrencies into Euros using the IBAN of the partnering bank. You can also convert tokens.

The Bitcoin wallet on the app gives you the option of creating your own wallet or you can just transfer a wallet from another platform. On creation, you get a seed of 12 words and can be used as a private key. This is what makes it possible to migrate your Bitnovo app to another platform.

There is also the Bitnovo card that comes in two options, BITSA and Bitcard, virtual and plastic. The virtual card is used for online shopping while the plastic card can be used to withdraw cash from ATMs. There is a limit of GBP 20,000 and you must provide more personal details for purposes of verification.


The monthly fee is € 1.20 and then there is the issuance fee of € 20.00. Now, this is a slightly higher rate. On ordering the Bitnovo card, you will have to wait five days to receive it. This could be the reason why their issuance fee is on a higher side.

ATM withdrawals have a fixed rate of € 1.00. Bitnovo has no commission on spending and instead they have a fixed rate of € per purchase.

There are three deposit levels. The basic level has a one-time maximum deposit level of € 250. Level plus allows a deposit of € 1000 daily and the premium level allows a deposit of up to € 5,000 per day.

User Experience

Bitnovo has decided to go the interactive way where they listen to customer complaints and address them as required. If you have a serious issue, you click on the submit section and let your matter be known. You will be attended to as soon as possible.

Overall Conclusion 

Bitnovo is the crypto company for all those who reside in Europe and especially those who have no clue at all when it comes to digital assets. Do be afraid to try it out plus the registration is free. So if you are shopping for a wallet, congratulations, your search is over.


  • Fast debit card
  • Offers anonymity
  • Offers a debit card


  • Slightly higher fees
  • Zero sell option

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